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8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Bedroom
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Now that spring is finally approaching, you may be thinking of ways to spruce up your bedroom in order to coax it out of winter mode. So many people neglect the look and feel of their bedroom, despite it being the place we spend most of our time. If we want to get on the road to better sleep, it’s important we make the bedroom as welcome and inviting as possible.

Here are eight simple ways to boost your bedroom, which don’t (necessarily) involve splashing out on a full redesign.

1.  Divide it up

A beautiful separator screen (such as this one from Swoon Editions) gives a decadent vintage look to any bedroom, having been inspired by Coco Chanel herself. Simple and stylish, it adds a touch of boudoir luxury to any room and looks great with both neutrals and bold colours.

Use it as a room divider or to add layers, such as behind the bed or a desk.

2.  Add a comfy chair

If you can, try tucking a comfy chair in the corner of the room to create an instant resting spot. By choosing a bold, vibrant colour and plump, rich upholstery, you’ll be more inclined to curl up with a book during those precious moments before bed.

If you have space, compliment it with a cosy foot stool or ottoman.

3.  Get a headboard

If you don’t already have one, get a headboard! It’s surprising how many people neglect this all-important part of their bed, not realising that it may be hindering their sleep.

A beautiful plush headboard (whether wall-mounted or bed-mounted) can make your bed seem ten times more comfortable and inviting, whilst a quirky, bold printed painted headboard will add character to your bed.

Choose one that matches or compliments your paintwork, using accent colours or off-shades.

4.  Invest in a proper nightstand

If you’re one of those people who uses any surface they can find as a nightstand, you may simply be creating more clutter for yourself. Few things can beat a good nightstand when it comes to pre-bedtime rituals and feeling organized or rested.

Whether traditional and warm or modern and striking, a good nightstand should be small and not take up too much space, to keep bedroom essentials to a minimum.

5.  Get rid of unnecessary distractions

Anything that doesn’t contribute to relaxation or romance in your room should be removed, in order to create the best possible environment for a good night’s sleep. This includes unwanted clutter, work-related materials…and yes, even the TV! In fact, any type of technology or gadget should be avoided as we all know they can hinder sleep.

6.  Create comfort with layers

When it comes to creating a feeling of comfort and security, layers are the key! Don’t be afraid to add a few more cushions, a comforter or a throw to your bed, using varying shades of the same colour scheme (or adding a few pops of pattern).

Don’t go too crazy though – pillows and cushions shouldn’t take up more than half of the bed.

7.  Opt for subdued lighting

When it comes to lighting your room, nightstand lamps or wall sconces are always preferable to main lights or strong beams. This will make it much easier for you to feel drowsy when you’re in your bedroom in the evenings and contribute to earlier bedtimes and more rested sleep.

For bonus points, opt for three way bulbs so you can adapt the wattage to your needs and mood.

8.  Add some green life

Adding a beautiful house plant to your bedroom has some great benefits, such as boosting oxygen, ridding your room of toxins and also acting as a decorative piece. Most house plants are inexpensive and can be bought from your local garden centre or even supermarkets.

If you don’t have a great history with plants, ask about varieties that don’t need watering often.

We’re giving away a £500 Swoon Editions voucher, which will enable you to revamp your bedroom with the help of one of the UK’s leading interior experts. To enter, head to our giveaway blog post. In the meantime, why not head over to the Swoon Editions website for some true boudoir inspiration?

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