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7 Rules for Using Hotel Bedding to Improve ROI
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We’ve been in business long enough to have seen trends in the hospitality industry rise and fall. But when it comes to hotel, bed and breakfast, country inns and vacation rental properties bedding, one thing hasn’t changed: guests will always want comfort and quality.

That’s why we’ve decided to share these rules from Questex’s Hotel Management website on improving your return on investment with your properties’ bedding.

1. Your bedding should reflect your brand

Does your B&B or Inn have an official color? Use bedding that matches that color or have your logo embroidered on a decorative pillow.

As Hotel Management’s Jena Tesse Fox writes, new innovations are allowing hotel bedding suppliers to blend branding with the bedding itself.

“Sferra, for example, can take a custom pattern and create a unique jacquard or matelassé weave. In New York City, the Surrey hotel has a customized jacquard from Sferra on its duvet covers, and the James Royal Palm hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., has designs on the bedding that look like water when viewed from a certain angle.”

InnStyle has a full line of Sferra bedding and the ability to do as stated above with minimum orders.

2. Use sheets designed for hotels

The sheets you’d use at home won’t survive the rigors of a commercial laundry. Get sheets that can withstand the regular washings the hospitality industry requires.

 3. Make sure bedding is never washed with harsh chemicals

“Your laundry facilities should avoid using products with chlorine. Most companies don’t, but sometimes they will,” Jon Bryant, sales director of hospitality at Sferra, told Hotel Management. “Be sure your laundry uses a good formula.”

4. Have enough linens in stock

A good rule of thumb: Have three sets of sheets for each bed. When one is in use, another can be at the laundry and the third in storage. This will cut down on the number of times a set of sheets goes through the laundry, which will make them last longer. InnStyle offers a list of suggested quantities on all your purchases for your properties, as a startup or as a long-time owner when needing new products.

5. Does thread count really count?

“1,000- or 1,200- thread counts are twisted yarns and multiple-pick insertions,” Chris Gowdy, VP of Liddell, told FOX. “It needs to be a basic single-pick construction for a balanced weave.”

Single-pick sheets typically have a tighter weave and feel softer. This not only provides an outstanding ROI from a wear-and-tear perspective, it makes your guests more comfortable.

InnStyle has suggestions on purchasing sheets for your property that will fit your budget and will feel comfortable to your guests.

6. Fabric yarn quality matters

While super-fine yarns might look attractive, they don’t do well going through commercial washing and ironing operations.

7.  Add some color to your bedding

There are some small ways to bring some pops of color to your hotel bedding, such as festoon lines on duvet covers, shams and pillow cases.

If you’re looking for hotel bedding that can improve your ROI, contact InnStyle. Our dedicated sales staff looks forward to helping you find bedding you — and your guests — will love.

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