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5 Types of Robes to Keep Your Guests Comfortable
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For bed and breakfast owners who offer robes in their rooms, it’s not that unusual these days to see guests wearing a robe to breakfast.

That’s how much visitors love these robes. And who can blame them? There’s nothing like a warm, soft bathrobe to take the chill out of a cold morning.

The sight of a guest wearing a robe to breakfast would have been unusual years ago. But that’s not the only thing that’s different. The types of robes offered to guests at beds and breakfasts, spas and resorts have changed as well.

It used to be that terrycloth robes were the most common types of robe in the market, with velour showing up more often  in higher-end catalogs and hotels.

But over the years, robe manufacturers have come up with many different kinds of robes, with different fabrics, styling, colors and sizing and weights. Here’s a look at five of the most popular robe varieties.


Terrycloth robes are still very popular with hospitality establishments. Terrycloth is a fabric with uncut loops, or pile, deliberately standing away from its ground base. These loops effectively increase the surface area of the fabric, enhancing its absorbency, while maintaining a soft feel. Terry cloth is traditionally made from cotton, but it can also be made from silk, linen or other natural and artificial fibers. Most manufacturers choose cotton because, unlike other materials that get weaker in water, cotton’s absorbent fiber gets stronger when wet.


Velour robes have a luxurious look and feel. Velour is a medium-weight fabric which is closely woven and then pile-cut to create a thick plush surface. It can be made from cotton, synthetic materials or a blend. It is warm, comfortable, allows for movement, and is generally considered an easy care fabric.

Waffle weave

Waffle weave robes can be all cotton or cotton/polyester. Waffle weave is woven to produce a textured surface fabric with a distinctive grid-like pattern of recessed square or diamond shapes. The fabric has thermal properties, providing warmth and insulation by trapping body heat and forming a warm layer next to the skin, thereby increasing heat retention. It is also a highly absorbent fabric. Waffle weave robes can also be purchased with a terry cloth lining.

Bamboo blend

Bamboo blend robes are made from a natural fiber made from the pulp of a bamboo plant. Bamboo fiber is environmentally friendly and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Viscose manufactured from bamboo is the fabric in most bamboo products such as robes, towels, sheets and other products. Most Bamboo products are mixed with cotton when manufactured.


Microfiber robes are manufactured from synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene. The shape, size and combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, and water and static resistance. Many microfiber robes are lined with a light terry cloth lining.

Choosing the best robe size

When purchasing a robe for your property, consider buying a size that will fit most of your guests. Keep in mind you’ll have guests with all different body types, and choose a “one size fits all” robe.

The best way to purchase a robe is to have people of different sizes try on to see if it will be comfortable. The robe should be able to wrap around even a larger person.

If you are not satisfied with this method, choosing a medium and large size robe should work for everyone.

A good robe should reach below the knees but not touch the ground. It should have sleeves you can roll up for added comfort. And most robes you find at hotels, spas and beds and breakfasts come with a matching belt.

Many robes come with hoods. If you have a Jacuzzi outside, your guests may prefer robes with a hood to stay warm until they get indoors.

One last thing to consider… Occasionally one of your guests will just love the robes they found in their room. You just might want to keep a couple of extra robes at the front desk just in case they’d like to purchase one at check out. This can be even more appealing if the robes have your logo or monogram on them.

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