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5 Reasons to Create Custom Scents for Your Wedding Party
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Future brides and grooms are often at a loss when choosing the best gifts for their wedding participants. Here are five compelling reasons why custom fragrances are an answer to the dilemma of what to give bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other special members of your wedding party.

1. Fragrances Are Memory-Evoking

Scents affect human moods, cognitive abilities, and work performance. Scents also influence people’s perceptions of events. A single odor can evoke memories of a past time and place.

Think about how you feel on a snowy, cold day when you catch a whiff of sunscreen. You can be instantly transported to the beach or poolside in the height of a sizzling summer just by sniffing the scent of sunscreen from the container.

Human brains form associative distinctions between scents. A smell that reminds you of a pleasant experience will tend to remind you of feeling good every time you encounter the same scent in the future. When you create a custom cologne or fragrance for your wedding, that wonderful smell will always remind you and your guests of your special day.

2. Fragrances Enhance Any Wedding Theme

Couples who want minimalist weddings often struggle over how to incorporate their wedding themes into their events without the use of fussy decorations, flower arrangements, or signage. Weddings in natural settings must often be conducted without extra decorations and wedding props.

A custom fragrance and cologne duo for all of your wedding party members can enhance your wedding theme without taking up too much space. Give specially named fragrance gifts to all of your wedding party at the rehearsal dinner, or deliver custom-labeled fragrances to bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other special attendees on the day of the wedding as they get ready for the event.

If you exchange vows in the forest, choose a mix of woodsy and spicy scents for your wedding fragrance or cologne. For a beach-themed nuptial event, choose a mix of citrus and floral scents. Whether your wedding is a grand affair in a castle or a simple backyard gathering of friends, create a scent that sets an olfactory theme for your wedding.

3. Custom Scents Make Awesome Personalized Gifts

Brides often give all of their bridesmaids similar gifts. Grooms sometimes give all of their groomsmen the same presents, too. Brides and grooms have a lot of decisions to make and details to plan, so wedding-party gifts sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve.

Instead of buying one-size-fits-all gifts for your wedding-party members, create a custom fragrance for each person. You can easily craft individual perfumes and colognes online, adding hints of special fragrances that are unique to each individual.

If you aren’t sure which fragrances your friends and loved ones will appreciate, give each person their own gift certificate to create their own special fragrance. Your personalized gift can be used for months to come with its refillable atomizer, and the recipient can order more of their own fragrance any time they like in the future.

4. Custom Scents Are a Convenient Gift Indulgence

Even if you can’t treat your attendants to a whirlwind cruise, you can transport them to a world of great scents where they can create their own one-of-a-kind scent combinations. You don’t need an elaborate venue or a vast amount of space to host a perfume bar or scent party.

A perfume bar can be set up in a minimal amount of space but will make memories for years to come. All of your wedding-party attendees will feel special when you arrange a perfume or cologne bar at the bridal shower, bachelor, or bachelorette party.

After having a blast comparing the fragrances and choosing their favorite additions to their perfume or cologne creations, everyone leaves the party with their own signature scent. Your wedding party feels pampered without a lot of prep, cleanup, or stress on your part.

5. Scents Are Energizing

Scents evoke memories and emotions. Some scents also energize humans. Whether your wedding party plans to get rowdy the night before the festivities, or your wedding party travels a long distance to reach your wedding destination, your custom fragrance can act as a pick-me-up.

As you create your custom scent, bear in mind the ability of scents to lift moods and awareness. Keep your wedding party refreshed and perky with scents in the citrus family. Citrus scents can enhance energy levels and keep the sleepy groomsman alert. Floral scents including lavender can calm jangled nerves and boost moods.

Spritz a bit of your custom wedding scent around the room, or provide your wedding party with their own custom wedding mood blend to raise the spirits of everyone at your event. Fragrance is a powerful boost that’s easy to provide on your most special day.

Reserve your perfume party or create custom fragrance gifts for your wedding attendants by contacting Scenterprises today. We offer exquisite bespoke fragrance gifts for everyone on your wedding gift list.

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