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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how Smart Automation can benefit hotels and how it has become a trending topic within the hospitality industry.  Most architects or interior designers associated with hotels, especially boutique and luxury ones explore options that can give their customers a high class experience. Smart Automation can help improve the Brand of the hotel by helping them craft a unique experience for the guests, one that infuses technology to create comfort and convenience. We have listed out the top 3 aspect to be considered by any architect while considering the infusion of Smart Automation.

  1. Banquet Halls & Restaurants:
    • Lighting controls of banquet halls and restaurant areas can be automated through Smart Apps to create a variety of one-touch profiles that can be enabled to suit specific occasions or for various periods within the occasions.
    • Elegant capacitive glass touch switches for manual operation of lighting and other controls add to the sense of class within the space
    • Dimming controls can be provided to set a mood profile for the banquet and restaurant as per the need of the occasion.
    • Air conditioners in halls can be centrally controlled and actual temperature monitored to allow for sufficient comfort while supporting energy efficiency
    • Centralized monitoring of fire safety in pantry and other critical areas can be enabled by using smoke, Gas, and heat sensors, to quickly address any safety event before it gets out of control and destroys lives or property.
  1. Indoor:
    • The entrance area lighting including chandeliers, LEDs can be controlled and dimmed by Smart Apps. The daily operation can be handled via scheduling options.
    • Motion sensors in the washrooms, aisles, bathrooms, elevators, seating areas, conference rooms, stairwells etc., can be used to save energy as well as to provide convenience of not having to hunt for light switches.
    • For high end hotels with large suites, the ability to see the visitor at the guest room door on a Smart App and to unlock the room door remotely
    • Guests are provided the luxury of control via Smart Apps and remotes for their room lights, TV, STB (Set top boxes), curtains and more.
  1. Outdoor:
    • Common area outdoor lighting can be scheduled and controlled through Smart Apps as per daily needs to conserve energy as well as to eliminate variability that can arise if operated by individuals.
    • Sprinklers can also be automated based on the schedules, soil moisture and/or external weather conditions
    • Centralized, single point control of electrical assets used on the hotel property, such as motors, pumps, DG sets, CCTV, Fire Panels, STP and more provides for highly efficient operations
    • Centralized monitoring of safety and security sensors across the property, including perimeter monitoring.

The facility manager of the hotel can control and monitor the entire operation using his desktop computer or through Smart Apps.  Read more about our recent project in Hotel Ramada, one of the biggest hotels in Lucknow. See our video of how Guest Room Automation can enhance the guest experience.

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