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2019 Bathroom Trends
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We asked our best bathroom design experts on what to expect for the upcoming 2019 bathroom trends and here are the top results!  Before renovating your bathroom, consider these 2019 bathroom trends: Water spaces, vintage vibes, wooden furnishing, Italian inspired accents and more… Looking to get with the times? Check out the best kept bathroom design ideas below.

Curated by our Experts: The Top Bathroom Trends for 2019

1. Bathrooms are growing in size for optimal convenience and relaxation

Nowadays, the bathroom is not only used for hygiene, it’s also a place for beauty and relaxation. We need space to feel comfortable and fresh. So, why not expand it – if possible – by taking up some of the space from another room (e.g. an unused wardrobe). The expansion can also be in the form of clearing out space, such as moving the washer and dryer to a different location in your home.

If enlarging your bathroom is not possible, try to opt for ‘optical illusions’. For instance, tile your floor with bigger tiles so that the room looks bigger. Plus, bigger tiles mean less joints, which in turn means less dust accumulation. Not only will your bathroom look bigger, but it will also seem cleaner! What a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

2. Vintage wins for washroom decor

image source : Pinterest

A vintage design seems to be all the hype right now, even in bathroom decor. Vintage mirrors or unique light fixtures – that you can find at garage sales or thrift shops – can certainly bring an interesting vibe to your private haven. You can also re-purpose an old dresser into a vanity. The entire look can be brought together with patterned ceramic tiles, or even by making gold-toned plumbing visible. If vintage is your thing, this bathroom trend is definitely timeless.

3. Clean and original: the basic bathroom

image source : Pinterest

A clean and refined style remains a staple bathroom trend, no matter the time period. Of course, nowadays, these refined styles are little more contemporary and do have warmer tones. Earthy colours, grey tones, and white seem to be dominating this fashion. However, some are more daring and add a pop of colour or patterned tiles to bring a more contemporary look to their bathroom.

4. Beloved ceramics & marble, and their new friend: Terrazzo

image source : Pinterest

Ceramic seems to be everywhere you look when you walk into a bathroom – from the shower, to the floor, and maybe even the walls. Bathroom tiling has been a thing for quite a while. Though, people are now opting for tiles of various shapes, patterns, embossing – either multicolored or monochrome. They’re even doing some patchwork to bring originality to their personal oasis.

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Besides ceramics and the occasional appearance of marble accents, there’s now a new kid on the bloc: Terrazzo! It’s a composite material consisting of marble, quartz, and other suitable material. From decorative accent pieces, to wall refacing, or even countertops or backsplashes, Terrazzo can be found a little bit everywhere! As for bathroom décor, this composite can be found mainly on shower floors – replacing the traditional porcelain tiling. This Italian style – with an infinite amount of colour alternatives – definitely brings character to your bathroom!

5. Hot 2019 Bathroom Trend: Asymmetrical accessories

image source : Pinterest

You can oppose yourself to the monotonous vibe of your bathroom by playing with patterns on the floors or walls. You can also be original by breaking the linearity found in the bathroom’s furnishings. Asymmetrical shapes are becoming quite popular when it comes to the arrangement of cabinets, drawers and shelves. Though, be sure not to commit to this style too emphatically so as not to get bored too quickly. The best way to break monotony is to play with easy-to-replace accessories!

6. Functional Trend: A water space in your bathroom

image source : Pinterest

Creating a ‘water space’ is an increasingly popular concept. In this 2019 bathroom trend, both bathtub and shower are in the same open area of the bathroom. This innovative layout certainly allows the restroom to look much bigger than it is – with only a simple glass barrier, framed in either golden or dark tones, separating the water space from the rest of the bathroom.

7. Simple Storage: no more useless hoarding in cabinets

image source : Pinterest

Bathroom cabinets tend to accumulate a great number of unused products. Rather than adding storage to your washroom, why not simply keeping storage space you truly need. When’s the last time you really took the time to soak in your bathtub with all those fancy products, or even used that old hair straightener?

Get rid of all that storage and keep only the necessities. Perfumes and creams may suffer because of the humidity in the room, so be sure they are stored in an enclosed cabinet. However, open storage areas – such as hanging shelves – can be ideal for daily essentials, all while keeping your bathroom looking unencumbered.

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8. A small bathroom with big expectations

image source : Pinterest

Does your powder room need a facelift? Many designers are taking on these tiny rooms as fun challenges – making them look much bigger than they truly are. Seeing as the surface area of a powder room is fairly small, you can budget in some more luxurious materials. Brightly coloured wallpaper, or even lining the floors, walls, and ceiling with he same ceramic tiles, seem to also be a hit for these tiny rooms. We’ve even found some ingenious sink and vanity combinations made of marble or concrete.

As for storage, make the most out of your space with by adding some cabinets or shelving at greater heights than you would in a bigger washroom. Why not take little bathroom and turn it into a personal passion project & start your bathroom renovation today?

9. A tech-infused bathroom

image source : Pinterest

As technology evolves, an increasing number of tech options are available for the bathroom. Mirrors with built-in LED lighting, motion detecting faucets, and even automatic temperature regulators are growing in popularity. As seen in some hotel bathrooms, mirror-integrated touchscreens are also becoming popular among the more tech-savvy population. Whether one wants to control lighting, view the day’s weather forecast, or simply impress their guests, technological advances are constantly offering new options. Would you hop on this bathroom trend?

Innovative heated towel racks are also being used nowadays – as opposed to radiators – to dry towels, as well as warm up the room. They also save space and keep the bathroom looking clutter free! We suggest hanging one above the bathtub for easy-access and to exploit an area of the room that often goes unused.

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10. Wood for your relaxation haven

image source : Pinterest

Setting a warm and neutral tone to your bathroom, wood has become increasingly present in this private space. Although not the most popular material for a wet room, more and more people are going for made-to-measure vanities and other furniture pieces for their bathroom made of wood. Consider using white for the wash basin to create a more zen and Scandinavian sleek design.

You can also integrate a hardwood floor to create an interesting contrast with the usual materials found in a bathroom – such as tiling. This different set of materials ends up turning a usual monochromatic colour scheme even more relaxing and warm. Wood comes in all kinds of tones and varieties, allowing you to customize your bathroom to your personal preferences.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this material breathes quit well and naturally absorbs moisture, making it a great option for the bathroom. However, it is necessary to wipe down any excess of water to avoid the wood’s deterioration over time.

Getting Bathroom Ideas Doesn’t Have to Stop Here…

The possibilities endless. Have fun with these 2019 bathroom trends – you can even combine them to achieve the look you feel lights your fire the most. 

In need of more inspiration? Take a look at our Bathroom Reno-Inspiration page or see this 50 amazing bathroom designs gallery.

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