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10 Best Home Improvement Products to Sell in 2019
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Take your home improvement and home supplies store to the next level by adding these epic products to your collections. In this section, we’ll break down some of the most popular home improvement products of 2019, covering everything from handy tools, organization products and safety devices. These home supplies are currently trending upwards so be sure to add them to your store before the trend fades away!

10 Best Home Improvement Products to Sell in 2019

1. Measurement Tool

When it comes to home improvement and renovations, a measurement angle-izer tool will come in handy throughout the process. Sure, you can use a measuring tape for some aspects. But sometimes you’ve got to take angles into account.

This angle-izer ruler can measure various angle degrees with its simple tool. You can measure from 0-300mm which is perfect for small-scale home improvement projects. This niche product has only been ordered by customers 760 times in the past six months but has garnered a 4.9 star rating with over 400 reviews.

So while it is a niche product, this is definitely one that customers love. When it comes to marketing home supplies like this measurement angle-izer tool you can focus on a few different markets. First, you can target people who work in home renovations, construction, or trade type industries.

Second, you can target students in engineering or architecture programs. You can focus on Facebook ads when targeting using the options mentioned above. However, this is mostly a search-based product, so don’t be afraid to experiment with Google ads and Google Shopping ads as well.

#2. Night Vision Security Camera

There’s been an uptick in “home security” searches in Google Trends in recent months. People are shifting towards buying home supplies that’ll improve the security of their loved ones and possessions.

This mini security camera can be bought to watch over certain rooms in your home. It immediately alerts you the moment someone breaks into your house. This indoor security camera also allows you to do video playback, acts as a motion detector, includes a remote control and more.

Marketing this night vision security camera can be a bit tricky as platforms like Facebook and Instagram don’t allow ads to security products.

Your best bet when it comes to marketing is a search-based approach. You can create blog content around home security with links to your products. You can then run retargeting ads for your blog traffic with Google.

Next, you can create Google Shopping ads for home security keywords. Keep in mind that “home security” can be a competitive and expensive keyword to go after.

So when creating ads or blog content focus on long-tail keywords. For example, instead of “home security” you might create content such as “home security Toronto” or “best home security reviews” or “home security do it yourself.”

#3. Water Saving Shower Head

Looking for a product to sell that’ll help the planet? Home supplies like this water-saving shower head have been becoming more popular.

Customers will get a shower head with three different spray modes, which can help reduce the amount of water they use every time they shower. There has been a massive 13,038 sales of this product in the last month, and 1,675 in the last 30 days alone. That shows this product trend isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re looking to create a socially conscious business, selling products like this can help you create a positive brand image. Want to get a big splash of sales? You can create YouTube videos talking about the benefits of having a water saving shower head such as the environmental impact, the money you save on your bills, and so forth.

You can also write guest posts on socially conscious blogs about helping the environment and adding a link back to your product page so you get some free traffic.

Alternatively, you can reach out to eco-friendly influencers and ask them to give your website a shout-out in exchange for payment. If you zero in on products like this, you can build your entire store around being a socially conscious brand to help you find like-minded customers who are interested in preserving the environment. You can also promote this product to those in the home improvement space to help more homes become environmentally friendly.

#4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Home supplies like essential oil diffusers first emerged in 2015 and have been climbing in sales ever since. Whereas scented candles pose a fire risk, oil diffusers help give your home a pleasant aroma with minimal risk.

Not only can you promote this product as a way to keep a fresh scent in your home, but also for the overall safety of it as well. Hundreds of customers have bought this specific product in the past 30 days making it a great product to sell in the winter months.

One of the best features of this product is that it has warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. So if your target audience is in one of these countries, they can expect the product delivered to their door in a shorter period.

Don’t forget to upsell these essential oils which have also been growing in popularity lately! Promoting your oil diffuser doesn’t need to be complicated. You can create ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest targeting women.

You can also create videos showcasing the product in use within the home with a captivating copy to entice the buyer. You can reach out to home improvement bloggers and ask them to include links to your oil diffuser. Some may require a form of compensation. You can offer them payment or offer an affiliate link so that they make a commission for every sale they bring.

#5. Fabric Steamer

Calling all fashionistas! Fabric steamers are used by top fashion trend-setters to keep a polished appearance. Goodbye wrinkled clothing! While it may not be an item everyone has in their home, that doesn’t mean this product doesn’t have potential.

Men often use steamers to keep their suits looking like new, and women use steamers to clear out wrinkles in their favorite clothing.  So you’ll actually have some flexibility in who you want to target.

Don’t believe in the popularity of this product? Then, you’ll want to check out YouTube. Videos about steamers tend to get thousands of views.

The most popular video by Melissa Maker garnered 374k views in only a year! Now, imagine reaching out to top men’s fashion influencers or women’s fashion vloggers and asking them to create a video with your product.

You can send them a free sample, offer an affiliate deal and they’ll send traffic back to your website. Since they’ve already got an audience built up, it’ll be easier to have traffic driven back to your website.

#6. Robot Cleaner

Cleaning your home can make you feel a little nuts. Fortunately, a robot cleaner can help. This product tends to peak around November and December each year.

And while it’s hard to confirm, it may very well be a product people buy others as gifts for the holiday season. The keyword ‘robot cleaner’ gets 22,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere which is more than enough traffic to prove its popularity.

If you’re looking for an even bigger proof of popularity, the keyword ‘robot vacuum’ gets an astounding 135,000 monthly searches so this is definitely something people are snatching up.

Want to get more robot vacuums into homes? Here’s where to start. Due to the popularity of this product, top brands, and retailers tend to take over the highest ranking in search results making them hard to beat.

Instead of trying to rank your website in search focus on elements that rank high in search. For example, videos tend to show up high in search results so creating a few YouTube videos promoting your product can help elevate your brand’s presence.

And if you throw in a link to your product in the video, people will be more likely to buy from you. News articles also tend to rank high for those keywords, so reaching out to a few niches but relevant publications can help get your products featured in lists that rank well allowing you to increase your referral traffic.

#7. Mini Fan Heater

This past summer, one of the hottest products was a mini air cooler but in the colder months home improvement products like this mini fan heater take over.

The portable size makes it perfect for receptionists who work by front doors, homes without heating, and people who want to bundle up when the winter gets a bit chilly.

And according to Google Trends, search volume for ‘mini heater’ is at its highest all-time peak right now. So you’ll want to add this steaming hot product to your store today.

While traditional heaters tend to be more search-based this mini one can work well as an impulse-buy product. Don’t worry, you can still create Google Shopping ads and optimize your website for search.

This home improvement product can also be marketed with Facebook ads. You can create videos promoting the benefits of this product using short but captivating copy. You can also show the many places this mini heater can be used due to its compact size.

#8. Shower Caddy

Nobody likes seeing their tub surrounded with shampoo bottles and soap. Fortunately, you can now sell a home improvement product like this shower caddy to solve that problem.

In the past 30 days, there have been over 100 customer purchases for this exact product. When it comes to home supplies, organization products tend to do well.

In fact, if you sell home products on your store you can devote an entire product category to organization. According to Keywords Everywhere, the keyword “home organization” gets over 12,000 monthly searches showing its popularity.

And the specific product “shower caddy” gets 60,500 monthly searches showing just how much of a powerhouse this product can be. Help your customers improve their home by promoting your shower caddy with various ads.

Firstly, you can run ads on Google since “shower caddy” has enough search volume to warrant it. Secondly, you can create blog content around “home organization” which also tends to be popular.

Make sure to focus on long-tail keywords such as “bathroom organization ideas” while including links to your shower caddy along with other relevant products on your store. Aside from search-based marketing activities, you can also promote your shower caddy in home improvement or home organization Facebook groups.

#9. Sponge Paint Roller

Nothing takes your home improvement projects to the next level better than a paint job. Home supplies like this paint roller are perfect for DIY painting.

What’s most impressive about this product is just how many sales volume it’s gotten in the last 30 days: 1341 orders. It even has a 4.5 star rating making it a product that customers actually love.

Search volume for keywords like “paint roller” get 33,000 monthly searches, making it a popular product to sell. Interestingly enough, Google Trends shows that paint roller searches have been trending upwards the past couple years with July being peak season.

If your goal is to try to capture some of those monthly searches, you can run Google ads. If you’ve got a tight budget, you can focus on writing blog content around relevant painting keywords to attract the right audience.

Make sure you have your retargeting ad running. Then, you can share those articles on social media. Your retargeting ad will show your painting products which will help you monetize your blog content.

#10. Flashlight

If there’s a top 10 list of home supplies everyone needs a flashlight has a place on it. Homeowners never know when the power will go out and they’ll need a safer alternative to candles.

Fortunately, this exact flashlight has been purchased by customers 1,974 times in the past 30 days and a whopping 32,776 times in the past six months!

If you want to get the spotlight on this flashlight, a search-based approach will likely be your best bet. Search volume for “LED flashlight” is high with 135,000 monthly searches. You can create blog posts about flashlights, promoting them on Twitter and using popular but relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

If you get traffic through this method, you can have a retargeting ad running on your blog to show them the flashlights you sell on your store. You can add this flashlight to listicles about home safety or what to buy for your first home. You can also run Google ads for specific flashlight keywords or Google Shopping ads for product based ads.

Home Improvement Trends 2019 According to Home Experts

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